About me

My name is Thea and I work as a tattoo artist at Onkel Henrys Tattoo Shop in Trondheim, Norway.

I’m often inspired by norwegian nature and animals. Natural things are beautiful to me. Like pictures of people with faces that tell a story, or just a touch of uniqueness to them. It could be something as simple as a feeling I get from their expression, or wanting to tell a story through the eyes of the illustration. It speaks to me, and inspires my art.

I’ve always been drawing as far for as long as I can remember and it became a natural way for me to choose an art related education as well. But I guess it really started the day I began exploring drawing with a ballpoint pen. I became fascinated with drawing everything furry and hairy (such as the Highland Cow) and I got this urge to develop my own style. It slowly evolved into traditional drawings and sketches being scanned in and finished digitally in Procreate. This is how I prefer working to this day. 

Thank you for visiting my page!